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Kesha is working with a new producer, Pete Nappi


the thrilling saga

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basically how all female celebrities are treated by the media

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Kesha on tonightโ€™s episode of ABCโ€™s Rising Star

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@Rising Star ABC: Hanging out on the #RisingStar red carpet with @KeshaRose

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She warned him.

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Kesha Rose Fashion 2010-2014

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Over 1 millions children are killed every year in elective abortions, almost 50,000 of them after 16 weeks. Now let’s talk about how to best save their lives. #abortion #forthechildren

I really just love pro-life logic.
Why help those who have been born when we can stick our noses into other people’s private health care matters? Lets try to get them to keep their pregnancies! We can go back to ignoring them after they give birth.
Yeah, makes total sense, right?

You want to save children?
How about we start with the 397,000 in foster care in the U.S. and give them loving, permanent homes? x
Or the 1.5 million homeless children in america? X
Or the 16.2 million children who are going hungry in america? X
Or the 18,900,000 children who are refuges, running from violence in their homelands? X
Or the 6 million children in the U.S. alone who are abused each year? X
Or the 1.2 million children who are trafficked, sold as slaves, usually sexual slaves, each year? X
Oh, no, let’s start with the non-sentient fetuses that can’t feel pain, or know what’s going on. 
Let’s ignore these millions and millions of living, breathing children who are living through hell right now.